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Installing MATRX

Here we will explain how to install the python package MATRX and provide solutions to common installation issues.

Using PIP

Installation of MATRX is, and should be, simple.

MATRX is your everyday regular Python package which you can install using Pip in your favourite command line:

python -m pip install --upgrade pip
pip install matrx

This will automatically install all requirements, or update them if need be. We do advise you to use some sort of environment manager and create your unique MATRX python environment. This makes everyone’s life a lot easier, including yours.


To update MATRX to a new version, type the following in your favourite command line:

pip install --upgrade matrx

Test your installation

To see if MATRX installed correctly, type the following in your Python environment and it should show your current version:

>> import matrx
>> matrx.__version__.__version__

Yes, we know; why “__version__” twice? It is something we will change in the near future!

Known issues

Microsoft Visual C++ is required

When trying to install MATRX you may get a big blob of red text telling you that the Microsoft Visual C++ is required, it means that some package that MATRX requires needs to be compiled first. For this, a C++ compiler is required. Since you get this error, you are probably on a Windows machine and do not have any C++ compiler installed. To remedy this issue, go and download the most recent Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools. You can try this link, though Microsoft links tend to die quite quickly.

Note: You do not need Visual Studio, only the so-called Build Tools.

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