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The Core


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2 thoughts on “The Core”

    1. Hi Marieke,
      Thanks for the comment! Also sorry for the late reply, the notification email got stuck in the TNO mail filter. With regards to your comment, the documentation is indeed at the moment a weakpoint of MATRX. At the moment the best introduction is the tutorial on the MATRX basics that can be found here.

      Secondly there is the Block World 4 Teams case that can be used as an example of how to make a basic world with goals, actions, objects, etcetera, which is described here and can be run like so. We started on an accompanying tutorial here that hasn’t been completed yet, but is planned to be included as part of the next release the coming weeks.

      Aside from that, we have the API documentation that is quite complete and describes all classes and functions of MATRX here.

      Cheers, Tjalling

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