Accelerating human-agent teaming research together


The field of human-agent teaming (HAT) research aims to improve the collaboration between humans and systems. Small tasks are often designed to explore and evaluate research in human experiments. Two examples are Block Worlds for Teams (BW4T) and Space Fortress. However, these tasks are often outdated, unreliable or uniquely developed to explore one dimension of HAT research. 

To remedy the lack of a team task library for HAT research, we developed the Human-Agent Teaming Rapid Experimentation software package, or MATRX for short. MATRX’s main purpose is to provide a suite of team tasks with one or multiple properties important to HAT research (e.g. varying team size, decision speed or inter-team dependencies). In addition to these premade tasks, MATRX facilitates the rapid development of new team tasks.


What MATRX offers

Several HAT tasks

A basic user interface

Data logging

Multiple teams

Multiple human controlled agents

Basic autonomous agents

Support for building new tasks

An API to connect other software or interfaces

MATRX in action

Create your next experiment!